our dreamy outdoor movie night…

october 16.  2010

our first movie night here in georgia was a blast!  we had wrapped lights around the porch and bushes along the house, hung my fav brown coffee filter flowers, hung wire wrapped mason jars with fake votives around the yard, and the girls helped with cute vintage signs to help people find their way to where they needed to go!   we had mindy gledhill playing in the background…which set the mood!  we hid four golden tickets, in which the winners won one of the jars of m&m’s to take home…you didn’t think i would keep all those around, did you?!?
i also went to our neighbors garage sale, and bought the old suitcase and green vintage vase you see on the table…thank goodness for cool vintage items that are cheap!
we estimate there were around 70 people, and it was a total blast.  Thanks to everyone for coming and having fun with us!