new year’s eve…and the next day…

december 31. 2009
We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with friends, playing games, and eating. We had planned to ski that day, but icy rain changed those plans.

So we skii’d on January 2, which was a blast. We met friends of ours that live in Virginia(Chad and Kathi Hansen(Kayleigh and Alex have known each other since 1)) up at Whitetail, gave their daughter back who had stayed with us for Alex’s party, and spent the day skiing. We bought everyone some great used ski’s we got in Maryland at a ski warehouse as part of Christmas, and this was our first run with them. It was definitely a chilly day, almost too cold, but we braved the weather for the fun.

Alex is getting along well, tried a large green slope which to me was pretty much a blue. Madison is still cautious and needs an adult with her. Camden will ski straight down the bunny hill, which when we went on a huge green, she said she could do it, but my motherly instincts could see her going straight down and running into something, so I held her with Alex cautiously behind and we made it down after probably 20 minutes! It was definitely exhausting! The girls are doing great after only skiing three times in less than a year, we only hope to continue to add fun and safe memories experiencing the joy and sport of skiing together.

p.s. Nadia’s first time on ski’s, only 20 mos. old too! She did great, in between our legs going down the huge bunny hill. By the third time I think she was too cold and started crying, but what a brave kid! We borrowed our friends ski’s for her, so now we’ve got to get our little monkey ski’s now too!