oh how we love the christmas season…

dec. 29, 2010
This year, we started listening to Christmas music after Halloween.  We enjoyed the jolly songs that took us through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and still, the anxiousness and build-up of Christmas day is always exciting and so very fleeting.   The day flies by no matter how slow you mentally make it go!

This year, we opened a special present Christmas Eve morning, which seemed to lengthen the holiday.  It was so exciting to surprise the girls with this gift!  You’ll see pic’s and video…I’m not going to give it away just yet!

Doing crafts, decorating, and making my Christmas gifts were so much fun.  In fact, out of character for us, we had gifts in boxes ready to ship Dec. 1st!  Woo-hoo that was great.  So, yes, we still have the Christmas cards addressed waiting for stamps to be bought, but hey, the most important happened first!

Enjoy all our fun pic’s, and head over to the Modern Vintage link if you want to see all the necklaces I made this holiday season!