i am a blessed wife and mother of four girls, each with their own wonderful and different personalities.  I am also married to an amazing, sweet man.  we have homeschooled for twelve years, and love the adventures, learning, understanding, and making memories together.  it isn’t always perfect, rarely is, but we love it nevertheless!

i love to travel…love it.  i really want to be a vagabond, and live in a new country every few months, and see the world.  it excites me, i love the history, the culture, the food, and the people.  it would be a dream come true to be able to live abroad full time.

i also love  photography, baking, writing, decorating, i LOVE furniture for some strange reason, traveling, reading, the outdoors and nature, music and the acoustic guitar, the ocean and sand, thinking of things to invent, and spending time with my hubby and kids.

i have struggled with chronic health issues for over twelve years now, and feel blessed I’m not worse, but am ever searching to feel completely good.  i would love to have a lot of energy to do all the things i dream of in my head, but have learned to evaluate and do the things “best” for the day.   there are blessings that have come from this trial, and I’m always relying on my Heavenly Father.  we are grateful for the gospel of jesus christ, and love being mormon.





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