spark 2…provo, ut…2 days of creative inspiration…

september 10-11.  2010
So Spark 2 was absolutely amazing.  Not only did I get to meet my sister Valerie in Utah and spend time with her, we got to spend two incredible days with very creative vintage style people who create amazing products and have followed their dreams of having companies pick up their lines…Rhonna from House of 3…Elizabeth Kartchner who has her own line of stylish scrapbooking and style…and so many others who have taken their talent and decided to share it!  So much fun, so much fun, so much fun!

Mindy Gledhill sang in the small open garden the evening before we left, we did photography classes, modge podge, making scarfs with wool from Australia, fun lamp shade fabric wrapping crafty thingy, a flower with all sorts of stuff on and around it, pendant scrapbook, and then of course the dear lizzie store that brought their awesome jewelry and stuff from their store, and then we had the awesome pleasure of shopping there our last evening late and hanging out in the inspiring vintage chic store.  So much fun, I still can’t make enough stuff from over a month ago. 

So bear with me as I post way too many pic’s as usual.  Memories for me in the future, when I someday print this blog as our family photo album/journal.  That’s pretty much how I scrapbook:)  Maybe things will change…and…maybe not.