Merry Christmas

I haven’t decided yet if we are going to do Christmas cards or not, especially since our life is on this blog. If someone wants to see our lives, they are more than welcome to visit! So, this may be our family Christmas picture this year, and if you don’t get a card from us, know that we hope the very best for each and every one of you. We hope your holidays are joyous and merry!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The Olson Family

exploring a little more in the creative arena…

november 2009
I’ve started a craft blog, and when I have time to get something done, I will post it, but it only happens when time is available. But I would love comments, ideas, or any insights that one would be happy to share! The link is to the side on this blog, but it’s I look forward to hearing lots of ideas, as I’m not too creative on my own, I learn from others!

time with daddy…

november 14. 2009
Nadia and daddy had a little time together on Saturday, while the older girls were at a neighbor’s birthday party. Daddy and Nadia were in there for almost an hour, playing and talking. I had to capture! Nadia loves pulling this off of the shelf, and playing with it when we are doing school. It’s hanging beads in order, to teach counting from 1 to 9, and she loves hanging the beads over and over. Obviously she doesn’t know it’s counting, but eventually will! Every time I came over with the camera, Nadia would run to me and say, “See?” She just wanted to look at the pictures of her on my camera, too smart!