storage toy room to cozy toy room…

august.  2014

you get moved in, and get things to the proper rooms, and usable, and then you realize after a few months…why the heck is this room ok to me?  after realizing the toy room was actually an embarrassment and something i dreaded coming down the stairs to, i got going.  i love selling things on craigslist, and taking that money to restoration hardware outlet, and finding super awesome deals.  and voila…a cute and welcoming room…far different than how it started.

p.s.  i loved finding the huge cuddly bear for the toy room at costco, was like being a kid again and getting the biggest present of all…didn’t even mind all the stares i got in the store:0

IMG_1867-001   IMG_1868-001

The after!!!


IMG_1880-001 IMG_1881-001 IMG_1882-001IMG_1691-001 IMG_1755-001

17th anniversary…

august.  2014

wow, 17 years being married.  to me that is incredible.  incredible that i’m old enough to have been married this long, have an almost 16 year old, and a couple years away from 40.  i tell you one thing, it hasn’t been easy.  marriage is work.  the trials we have gone through have been heart wrenching.  some are still on-going-like my chronic health issues.  we have had quite a lot of hard things come our way.  i’m not saying more or less than others, but they have been very hard things.  on top of that, we don’t have any family to help us emotionally through any of it.  so we have had to rely on each other even more.  we have had good times, many trips around the world, vacations, and wonderful memories with our children.  the gospel has definitely been the fundamental “glue” that i’m not sure we would have made it through without.  it is our daily spiritual food that gives us strength to make it through whatever that day brings.  our marriage is praying together, fasting together, holding fhe and scripture study regularly, parenting together, going on dates, holding a  weekly meeting together.  we have been in a weird funk lately, and am grateful for some strategies to help us work together better and communicate better.  it’s always ongoing, which is good, because we are always growing and changing, just hopefully for the better and closer together!   i love this amazing man i am married to, and am so grateful to have gone through the things we have with him.  he is amazing, he is my best friend.  i am so grateful to have an eternal marriage with him.  love ya bud.

p.s.  having four daughters is so wonderful.  one fixed my hair, and one made us breakfast in bed.  we’ve done something right!  bicycle built for two is definitely an activity you do when you are on a “good communication” day!  it was fun, and even better, was the completely gluten free restaurant we went to, which was ahhhmazing.  thanks for a wonderful date!

IMG_1585-001 IMG_1586-001 IMG_1587-001 IMG_1589-001 IMG_1593-001 IMG_1594-001 IMG_1596-001 IMG_1597-001 IMG_1601-001 IMG_1604-001 IMG_1605-001 IMG_1606-001 IMG_1610-001 IMG_1612-001

my man training for the ironman…

august.  2014

jarom loves to run.  i don’t undertstand runners, and how they love to run.  but i love that he loves to run.  and he wants to train for an ironman.  this guy is a full time husband and father, consults for 70+ hours a week, has a church calling, and i love that he can fit in time here and there to run.  sometimes he can’t, but he decided he wanted to do a triathlon a few weeks before, and just trained a few times and did it.  i would still be out on the course somewhere, probably drowning in the water.  he’s amazing.  we loved seeing him cross the finish line, on the beautiful day it was by the reservoir.  we are proud of you daddy!

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oh, a few reasons i love homeschool…

aug.  2014

i won’t get into all the reasons why i can’t stand public school…bureaucracy, red tape, propaganda, tenure, teaching for tests…yada yada yada.  but i will tell you a few reasons why i love my kids learning at home.

1.  we learn and explore things together-it’s fascinating, fun, and we make wonderful memories together.

2.  the kids grow up making memories with each other, instead of strangers that aren’t permanent in their lives.

3.  i know what they are learning, and i love instilling in them to love to learn, to be fascinated, amazed, and wonder at things.

4.  i love they each learn at their own pace, and can go faster if something interests them, and spend as much time as they’d like on it.

5.  i don’t have to check my kids out, drop them off, pick them up, run them, do homework, do parent participation at the school, wonder what my kids are learning, who they are being influenced by…

6.  i love teaching them the gospel, sitting with them in the morning, reading scriptures, memorizing important gospel essentials, teaching them manners and how to be considerate(hard to find in the world), and listening and learning about classical music with them.  it’s a lovely way to start our day!

7.  i love that we learn to understand a principle, and that we aren’t learning for a grade.

8.  i love that my children write plays and act and play together, climb trees, cook, clean, work, play, and everything in between together.

9.  i love knowing they have a safe environment to learn, without criticism(i try my best), without bullying, without rushing, without teasing.  i have more time to teach them the gospel, and give them more time for them to develop who they are and who they want to be without constant bombardment of worldly pressure.

10.  i love my kids learning proper socialization skills from me, their mother, as we go out in the world and interact with others, teaching love and sympathy, teaching kindness and service.  i have more time to do these things instead of a couple hours in the evening which would normally be filled with homework, dinner, and bed.

11.  i love the time.  i love being with them.  i miss them when i’m not with them…may sound funny, but they are my buddies.  we do everything together.  life isn’t perfect, easy, or peaceful all the time, but i love whatever the calm or storm of the day is, we go through it together.

Below:  art done on own and together, plays, eating honey from honeycomb at our neighbors, cam doin’ her thing in the kitchen!

IMG_1573-001 IMG_1658-001 IMG_1700-001 IMG_1704-001 IMG_1758-001 IMG_1762-001 IMG_1766-001 IMG_1909-001 IMG_1934-001

the last minute bake sale…

july. 2014

the girls wanted to do a bake sale, but i didn’t want to do a bake sale.  i had run some errands, and when i had returned, cam had made homemade chocolate chip cookies, and the girls had decorated boxes for the sale.  what could i say?  i drove them to the end of our neighborhood(busy road, hard to read signs when driving by), and we sat out there for probably 40 minutes, sold a few cookies, and it started to rain, thank heavens!  it was fun, and they got their fix.  i love their entrepreneurial self starter spirits!

IMG_1445 IMG_1558-001 IMG_1559-001 IMG_1560-001 IMG_1561-001

reception at chief hosa…

july.  2014

wow, what a gorgeous, elegant, simple reception.  the hughes, our friends from evergreen, asked me to make the wedding cakes…uhhhh, me?  two large dark chocolate sheet cakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting and three coconute layered cakes.  i couldn’t even taste them because they were regular cakes made with regular flour, which is difficult for someone who is allergic to gluten.  makes ya a little nervous since you can’t tell if tastes good or not!  but it was a lovely evening catching up

with old friends, the food was amazing, the location inspiring.

IMG_1467-001 IMG_1482-001 IMG_1490-001 IMG_1497-001 IMG_1524 IMG_1528-001 IMG_1539-001 IMG_1540-001 IMG_1542-001 IMG_1543-001 IMG_1546 IMG_1547-001 IMG_1548-001 IMG_1550-001 IMG_1552 IMG_1553