the fun age of 12…

may 2.  2013

there are so many obstacles this one has made it through already, she is just amazing!  i can’t believe she gets to wear make-up now.  madison’s birthday started off with homemade gluten free belgian chocolate chip pancakes, and then we headed to fun city with friends to go bowling.  wow, what a great place, and homeschooling, once again, meant we had the whole place to ourselves almost the whole time.  it was awesome!   we then took the girls and madison’s friend mia to the mall, where they had a makeover.  madison got a new lipgloss, and some blush, and gets to enjoy the perks of using moms’ and older sisters’ make up that we’ve already accrued through the years.  we had yummy shepherds pie for dinner, gluten free belgian chocolate chip cupcakes for cake, and finally opened presents!  she used money from grandma to buy a new dress, which is totally stylish for her age, and she picked out all on her own.  she picked out her first pair of pumps too.  it’s great, every morning, seeing how she’s gotten herself ready, and loves to do her makeup.  she just finished up her faith in god book also, which was great.  onto bigger goals!  happy 12th our sweet madison!  what a joy you are in our lives!

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nadia turns 5!!!…

april 29.  2013

it’s hard to believe, that five years ago, we were waiting for the call that she was born.  three days later, jarom and i drove to leticia’s house, and we picked up nadia.  we can’t even tell you how smart and wonderful this little one is.  she memorized most of the living christ with us at the age of 3.  she was speaking 3-4 work sentences at 18 months, and full on sentences at 3.  she started reading small words at 3, and now loves to read dr. seuss and other books to me, along with trying to read the scriptures.  we are so blessed to have this sweet girl in our lives.  our heavenly father knew she was meant to be with us!

so nadia picked french toast for breakfast, and helped make it!  then we stopped by a store, and used her money from grandma to buy her a new dress.  our next stop was the zoo, which is always fun, and was quite warm that day.  we had hawaiian haystacks for dinner, and homemade gluten free belgian chocolate chip cupcakes for her birthday cake!

here is nadia reading me the friend this morning…

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jarom’s sister visits…

april 19-22.  2013

kara got in on friday, and we went to a rockies game with her and some friends.  it was a little chilly, but nevertheless, the girls got to practice spitting sunflower seed shells.  it was awesome!  we also went fishing on a beautiful day at the platte river, and i had fun walking around the lake and near the river with nadia taking lots of pictures.  we  enjoyed sunday dinner with kara and friends.  it was a good visit.

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friends from georgia visit…

april 11.  2013

some friends from our ward in georgia were passing through, and we were lucky enough to have them stop by at our home.  we had great conversation over dinner, and it was wonderful to reconnect with old friends.  alex really needed a friend boost too, and these girls are so smart, sweet, and spiritual.  the younger of the two girls got her young woman’s medallion within months of becoming a young woman.  they are very driven and intelligent, and alex needs to be around more of these spiritual and smart young women.




my sister and her family’s visit…

april 4-9th.  2013

my sister and i haven’t lived near each other since i left for college.  we have been on the east coast for 12 years, until a year ago.  we finally moved west to colorado, and three weeks later, my sister moves east to north carolina.  what luck.  someday, hopefully we’ll be by each other, and our kids will get to play with their cousins more.

we had a wonderful time during their visit…going on walks, visiting the zoo and getting fro-yo, fishing the lake, making good food, and getting a little time in to stamp some jewelry, it was lovely.  valerie even did a treasure hunt for the kids to do-so awesome!   my sister is amazing…a great friend, mother, and wife.  john, her husband, is also a great man.  he is a great match for her.  and what spunky and fun little boys they have!  thanks for coming, sista!

by the way, cam has proven to be quite fearless when it comes to fishing, gutting, and preparing the fish.  quite the outdoorsman!


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museum of nature and science…

march.  2013


on a side note…another great reason for homeschooling, is that you can do museums at any time.  we went with friends during spring break, and it was packed!  we didn’t stay long because i don’t care for crowds, but did go see the new mammoth exhibit.  the mammoth exhibit is absolutely phenomenal.  we really enjoyed what we saw. and surprise, surprise, daddy showed up and spent the rest of the day with us.  love that guy!


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