our march for freedom…

sept. 12. 2009
Our march for freedom didn’t end up downtown DC as planned, but we did join in spirit from home, as we watched and supported hundreds of thousands of people do so for this nation, if even, just for us. We are so grateful for our founding fathers, who were inspired men to put together this Constitution that makes our country the greatest, and will hold against all that will try to defy it, even if hanging by a thread, it will hold. We are raising the next Army of Helaman, to stand for what is right, good, and for freedom. Thank goodness for a God who loves us and who will help us, as long as we do our part.

"I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death"…patrick henry

sept. 11. 2009
Today marks the eight year ago terrorist attack on US soil. The thousands that died, jumped from skyscrapers, and ran back into buildings to help others, is what we remember, or at least, what I remember. Buildings crumbling, and the confusion of what is going on in this country.

September 12, the day after, when we came together as “One Nation Under God” to help those most affected, and months after, is what we are all about.

Tomorrow, everywhere across the country, and in DC, is the 9-12 project. http://www.the912project.com/ I myself, and my children, will be downtown marching for freedom. This isn’t about what you are registered under to vote or who you voted for. It’s about us coming together, and fighting for freedom. If you haven’t watched unbiased news…FOX, turn it on. For every hour you watch another news show, that Obama has in his pocket, do additional research.

His recent Czar Sunstein, which, by the way, they went to school together, who was just approved, will slowly tweak things, until we won’t be able to recognize our nation anymore. For instance, he believes that animals have just as much rights as Americans. They deserve lawyers, too. Or how about our freedom to post on the internet and say what we want is undemocratic, and how he would like to change this as he has advocated the “Fairness Doctrine.” Want to cast your vote to be able to say what you want? Go here…http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=96301

It’s not about one czar here or there, it’s about all the corruption in DC, who will sell our freedom. This is the time, for our freedom, our childrens freedoms, and what this country is about which our founding fathers faced treachery for, who stood up and fought, so we all could have Freedom.

Please, take four minutes, and click on the link below Glen Beck’s name on the post right before this one…see what your feelings might be after watching this moving video. Where do you stand? I stand for freedom, to wake up, eat what I want, not have the government choosing what my kids think is important to learn, but what I think is important, to worship where and how I please, to drive and live where I want, and the list can go on and on. Say NO to BIG GOVERMENT! This is our own revolution, for freedom. Here we go, we’ll keep you posted, as we head downtown tomorrow, in voicing our voice, as Americans, who want our Freedom!

Also, for additional news that mainstream media won’t report, go to http://www.biggovernment.com . Something huge just broke recently, you should see what it is!