one of our favorite things to do…

august 22. 2009
We love to bike-ride with the kids along the C&O Canal. It’s simply beautiful! We’ve only done it a couple of times, and we hope to do it more. The path is completely covered by trees, and you have the beautiful river running right by you. The path goes to DC, which is about 27 miles long, not bad. Jarom plans on doing a ride there and back one weekend, which sounds like a lot of fun, and pain.

Yesterday was a beautiful, but humid, sprinkley day, which helped cool things off. A perfect Saturday! Some of our friends joined us, with their six kids, and we had fun! We rode almost five miles all together, in less than an hour, with ten kids and four adults…that’s got to be a record! After reaching our turn-around-point, Madison started crying, maybe feeling a little behind I guess, and I waited for her to catch up to me, and finally got her to start riding again and stop crying, by singing primary songs. It was sweet. I took some pic’s riding my bike of her next to me, so probably a little blurry. Everyone had mud on them from some of the puddles, which made it even more fun! It was great!

after the rains…

august 2009
The other day, it was wretchedly hot, and it got really dark fast, and out of nowhere rain came down in sheets. It’s amazing how there’s not a rain cloud nearby, and all of a sudden, it’s pouring like crazy. Afterward, we went outside, and a friend said they could see three rainbows, but we were fortunate to at least see two. The brightest one is probably one of the prettiest rainbows I’ve ever seen, which I don’t think I captured very well. But it was beautiful!