2019 in a snapshot…

I’ve gotten quite a bit behind on keeping up with our family blog…so here’s a snapshot of 2019.

January-found out we were going to be grandparents:)

March-went to Cozumel for some sun.

April-went to a fun wedding in Arizona.

May-rented out our house in Colorado, and moved to Utah.

May/June/July-went between family, townhome, family, hotel, then finally moved into our small house we bought while building our new home.

August-Our oldest daughter and husband moved to Utah. We also went to San Diego for some sun before school started.

September-Reagan, our first and sweet grand baby was born. Madison started as a Senior, and Camden a Junior in High School, and Nadia started as a 6th grader this year.

October-took a fun and beautiful family photo together as a family.

November-went to Thailand for 12 days-4 were traveling days…stayed in a 5 star Marriot Resort on Naka Island for free-so awesome! It took us 46 hours to get home with layovers.

December-our first Christmas in Utah, and with Reagan, Alex, and Matt.

And that’s the short version…I hope to keep up with this during 2020:)