may 18. 2010
Between studying Egypt in school, in the old testament, and Alex reading Red Pyramid, Egypt has become a constant conversational piece. I absolutely love it, as we have been able to delve deeper into this most intriguing time period.

Someone had mentioned the Michael C. Carlos museum at Emory had a permanent Egyptian display, so I looked them up, and low and behold, the day we were thinking about going, was national museum day, free to all, and so, we went! It was so fascinating!

We were able to see a duplication of the Rosetta Stone, a bust of Isiris, which we’ve learned about, Alex knew practically a little bit about everything from reading her book, and even explained the different markings on the large water jug(probably has a better official name than that), where it was buried half-way underground to keep the water cool. Even the cool bathtub with the hole on one side at the bottom to drain the water. Sounds familiar! A few of the sarcophagus’ still contained mummies. And the girls had fun talking and learning about the amulet’s that Alex had learned about. Alex wasn’t willing to leave, until she had bought an amulet from the gift store, using her own allowance money even. She still wears it, and loves it!

It’s wonderful to be able to see, read, and touch all that we are learning about. I’m getting a tremendous education myself!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t use flash in the museum, so my ISO was cranked to the highest, and the quality of the pic’s aren’t great, but better than nothing!

little shop of stories…leads to big things…

april 7. 2010
The Hansen’s introduced Alex to a book series, written by Rick Riordan, called Percy Jackson. We had never started the series, and Alex started them and loved them. Then the Hansens said if we bought his new book, which is the start of a new series from “little shop of stories,” then you would also get a ticket and would be able to go to the author’s book signing, and meet him. So Alex and Jackson went and bought the book, and then the dad’s took all the kids to wait in line, listen to the author speak, which ended up being held at Emory, and then you were able tomeet the author and get your pick signed by him. You were allowed one question to the author, and Alex asked, “How did you come up with the characters in your books?” Rick replied, “From people I”ve known.” Great question! They had a blast, and the girls got dressed up and were so excited to meet him. The dads, Jarom and Jason Hansen were exhausted, after having waited for two hours to get the books signed, with starving kids, and after a busy work day, but they were heroes to their kids! Alex loves the new series, Red Pyramid, and is anxiously awaiting the next book in the series, which comes out later this year.