the time I don’t answer the phone…

august. 2008
So last week, I was just so pooped, that I decided I wasn’t going to answer the phone after 9:00. It was my time to wind down and not do anything, not talk to anyone, and have my own quiet time. Annie, my friend called, and I just told Jarom, I’ll call her tomorrow. So she called again, and I said, could you talk to her and tell her I’ll call her tomorrow. I was wiped out laying on our “luv sac,”(it’s not a bean bag! I guess they don’t like the reference!) and couldn’t move. He replied that I could just talk to her tomorrow he wouldn’t answer. So sad, she drove 45 minutes and brought us homemade cinnamon rolls. We couldn’t hear the doorbell because we were in the basement too.

I would have taken a pic, but I inhaled them so quickly, I didn’t want to let go of one to bother taking a picture. Thanks Annie. I need to do this more often for others, and it was so great being on the receiving side. Sorry, next time when someone calls twice in a row, I should probably answer! Thanks for still talking to me:)