ummm, only the absolutely best cinnamon rolls ever…

september 2011

So, I’m 35 now, and have struggled with how to get my dang bread dough to rise.  Plus, I use freshly ground white wheat when we bake, which can make things a little heavier to deal with.  But, thanks to “Our best bites,”  which I love their book and website, they gave excellent tips, and I turned out some of the most amazing cinnamon buns, if I may say so myself.  It’s a great thing when one thing turns out after years and years of hoping!  Now I’ve learned the tricks, and hope that each batch will be as rewarding as this one!  And please, nothing but cream cheese frosting, I will accept no substitutes!

And since I can be very weak with any bread-like substance, we had these for breakfast the next day.  And I didn’t care…or feel guilty!

cam and mom open birthday presents together…

september 2011

We had a little family birthday moment, since Jarom is mostly home on weekends, that’s when we set aside family time, and nothing else!  So we opened presents together, Cam and I, and we had a little family fun.

Jarom has always been amazing at making sure we have gifts, they are wrapped, and he’s very thoughtful in his presentation.  Me, on the other hand, am a little more scattered with the whole present thing.  So I’m glad our kids have daddy to help out on that issue.

our little cam…

september 2011

Our little Camden turned 8.  She has always been more mature than her age, and very independent.  Cam is competitive, and loves a good challenge.  Beating Alex in checkers is a great victory, now she’s on to chess, trying to beat Alex.  Our little Camden will research information, print out hand-outs, have her research in a page protector, and give a fabulous speech.  She’s very organized, and very intellectual, as schoolwork comes very easy to Cam.  Cam’s love language is gifts…she loves to give gifts, and loves to receive gifts.  She is a hard worker, and loves to surprise people.  Camden has a sweet heart, a strong testimony, and a wonderful imagination.  We are so grateful to have you sweet Camden in our family!

Cam’s birthday breakfast was homemade egg mcmuffin.  oh, ya, a fave of ours!

ohio visit…20th reunion…cam’s birthday…

september  2011

Our visit to Ohio for the weekend was quite busy!  We got to visit Jarom’s old high school, take the kids to a high school football game, do the reunion family picnic where Jarom was the entertainment with his remote helicopter, and a little time with family.  We celebrated Cam’s birthday with a cake and a present, and just had a fun time.

beach visit…

august 2011

Luckily, we live not too far from the beach…well, like 4 hours, which is great!  We made it down to the gulf of mexico coast in Florida.  It was a good little getaway, but as getaways go, still very busy.  Since we were still eating milk, gluten, and mostly sugar free, we ate good, but had to make everything homemade.  (Thank goodness we don’t have to do that anymore…it’s a lot of work for a family!)

Jarom came down with us Saturday, stayed until Tuesday, and then came back on Saturday to drive home with us…so he was a bit busy but we got to see him a few days nevertheless.

We had a lot of science opportunities for sure.  A man on the beach next to us caught a baby shark.  After a big storm one night, we went out the next day, and there were about 6 jellyfish floating where we like to swim…so in order for my kids to try and get back in the water, I went and fished them out, including getting stung…we saw crabs…birds…it was so great.

Now for a ton of pics…

the girls’ creativity…

august 2011

The girls are all so creative, and let’s not forget, dramatic!  So it’s even better when they put their drama together, and become creative with it.  They love to do plays, and even come up with the story line, parts, costumes, and some good acting.  It’s wonderful to see them having so much fun together.

 The Set
 The narrator
 Scene 1
 Cast having fun behind the scenes
 Audience enjoying the performance
Great characters
 Plot thickens
 The princess is saved!
 Everyone is happy in the end

Cast party