red rocks concert…

may.  2012


we had a fun night going to red rocks for a concert.  i do have to admit, the music wasn’t that great though.  whoever ted nugent is , his music and mouth leave a lot to be desired.  i was pretty excited for reo speedwagon,  but they only had one or two good songs.  styx also had only two good songs.  but i was glad to be there with jarom, because he loves styx, and it was all for him.  the night was beautiful, and the gorgeous atomosphere of red rocks was absolutely transforming and romantic! 






activity day girls’ treat…

may 2.  2012

madison’s birthday fell on a wednesday, so she brought treats to activity day girls to celebrate!  (activity day girls is a church class on wednesday nights for 8-11 year olds).  we decided to do the doughnut tree…we’ve seen them made with small doughnuts, but we decided to go big.  turned out pretty cute!






chocolate mustache pic’s…

april 30.  2012

i wanted to take some cute pic’s and have them hanging up at our vintage circus birthday party.  plus, if anyone knows me, they know that chocolate is a vital source of survival.  so of course i made chocolate mustaches for the party, pure deliciousness!

the pic’s of the girls turned out pretty cute!  taking pic’s at evergreen lake was a blast-it’s absolutely gorgeous, with huge green mountains all around, and a gorgeous lake with a walking trail around the entire lake.  can’t wait to try out the paddle boats!




nadia-already 4!…

april 29.  2012

where does the time go?  i can’t believe nadia is already four years old.  we had a fun little family birthday party, in excitement for the big double birthday party coming up!  alex made her the cute dress she is wearing(which she wears with a sweater to be modest), camden gave her some of her little pet shops, and madison made nadia a craft.

nadia decided instead of cupcakes or cake, that she wanted lemon poppy seed muffins.  so she and i made them together, which i really enjoyed.  she is such a smart little one!   we had fun spending time together!


no bed, over two months later, finally a bed…

we sold so much furniture before we moved, with the intention of saving on the moving weight, and then to buy something new once we arrived in colorado.  we ordered a new bed once we got to colorado, and it took over two months to get, since they make it on order.  so our room finally feels complete!

it’s nice to change up the furniture every couple of years, and what better way than recycling money from selling things!



wow, what a zoo!…

april.  2012

so far, the denver zoo has been the best zoo i have ever visited!  beats the d.c. zoo, and georgia zoo, hands down.  the girls and i had a blast looking at all the animals we haven’t seen before in a zoo-but were discussing how sad it must be to not have to hunt or be able to run around and have freedom.  the good thing we did see, was that a lot of them are apart of a breeding program, and then they will let them back into the wild.  a great way to help almost extinct animals stay around longer!  we are looking forward to the new elephant exhibit opening up in a month!  can’t wait!