first 5k race…

may 16. 2009

Jarom and I did our first 5k race together, in Charles Town. It was beautiful, overcast, a few rain drops, and for my second time running 3.1 miles, I think I did decent. The path was beautiful in the historic part of town, and one part was a lane with beautiful trees covering the sky and ancient and beautiful homes lining the street. It was great! Jarom has been awesome at exercising every morning for a couple of hours in our home gym, and he did the race in 23 minutes. I crossed the finish line in 35.2 minutes or something like that. I haven’t come to loving running, but it feels good to have energy to exercise, that’s for sure! I love zumba too, what a fun way to exercise, by dancing and shaking my booty. I am grateful to Jarom who is always so great and supportive in getting me out the door in the afternoons for me to go exercise, usually around 4:30 in the afternoon which is the time we’re usually getting ready for dinner, but he’s amazing! I really enjoyed this experience with my sweet husband and best bud!

I’m looking forward to the DC Race for the Cure, which we will probably walk with kids in the stroller since there will be so many people. But it’ll be an experience!

mothers day…

may 10. 2009
I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Jarom has always been especially good to go a couple extra miles on me, and it was great. We usually do a weekend deal for birthdays and special holidays, one day is just not enough!

Saturday morning, Jarom made crepes for breakfast, which I love. MMMmmmmmmm.

Saturday I planted our seeds for our garden, which I love to do, which was almost too late, but they had finally arrived, and I loved being out there. One of the girls would come by and throw a couple seeds in here and there, which I love too.

Saturday evening, we went to Cheesecake Factory, one of our fav’s, and then shopped the mall. It was so much fun having just Jarom and I shopping, and he would pick things out for me, and did a great job. I hate trying on clothes in stores, but it was fun getting my husbands perspective on things. I rarely go in stores and shop because it’s kinda a hassle and you can’t dedicate much time to trying things on and really looking with kids, so I usually internet shop. It was so much fun!

Sunday was breakfast in bed, waffles with egg on top, and bacon(we eat turkey bacon) on top of that. Soooo yummy. I got to open my mother’s day presents, and enjoyed the beautiful dozen roses Alex made for me! Pretty creative! Alex wasn’t feeling good, and even threw up, but she still did so much for me. She was crying because she couldn’t go to church to sing the Mother’s Day Song for me. Very sensitive and sweet, that really touched my heart. Then the girls made my bathroom a spa, where they soaked my feet, massaged my hands and feet, rubbed lotion on them, filed them, and painted my nails. I put on a face mask too, so I felt like I was in heaven! We played a game after that, and then got ready for our 3:00pm church:) Dinner was awesome too, and I didn’t do any dishes, which was really wonderful! We ended the evening watching the finale to the Amazing Race, which I love. It was nice to be pampered, we need to do that to each other more often, that’s for sure. I say every three months! Happy Mother’s Day!