wedding in tennessee…

april 2011

We had a fun time, visiting Tennessee together for the first time.   My second, count it second time packing and traveling by myself with the kids.  I’m getting less overwhelmed and feeling more able for sureJarom flew in and joined us Friday evening in time for the group barbeque dinner, and spent the weekend with us and drove home with us-Yea!  What a wonderful honey!

Tennessee, if I could sum it up in a small phrase, to me, would be: pretty much just country music and bars. 

But we found things to do with all the kids in the group: Hop the Movie, Science Museum, closed Cupcake House, Open FroYo joint…and the wedding of course. Fun games in grandma Lott’s hotel room with about 20 something people, pre-wedding dinner with everyone, fun activities including taking pic’s of the wedding and annoying the professional photographer-lots of fun! 

P.S.  Nadia stole the show after the wedding on the dance floor.  No inhibitions, she danced for a couple of hours.  She actually brought the rest of us out and we all gotta dancing!