trek family party-

july-august.  2013


so we were very blessed to go on trek this year as a ma and pa, to martin’s cove, where the original mormon pioneers suffered and sacrified as they crossed the plains with little food in freezing weather. they wanted to come to Zion(SLC), where the restored church was being established.  they were looking for a refuge from religious persecution, and they sacrificed everything they had to worship Christ freely.  i will catch up on our trek and adventures soon, but here are pic’s from most of our trek family coming to the party, along with other “adopted” children we got to know along the way.  what great and excellent youth!  we were missing a son and daughter, they live a couple hours away…and hope to have them at our next family reunion!


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oh, the fun of backdrops…


it’s amazing what a backdrop can do.  taking pictures has been such a blast, and my girls love being models.  i  also have a little assistant, camden, who loves to come up with props and poses for everyone, it’s great.  she’s an excellent photographer!  i have loved having this creative outlet to help me in photography and editing.  lots to learn though…but it’s fun.

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happy 40th birthday…

july 29.  2013

this was a big birthday for jarom, but fortunately for us, we still think 40 is very young!  i can’t believe though, we are old enough for a 14 year old going into high school, and that we just celebrated our 16th anniversary…where does the time go?

we had a small and fun evening together, got a giant chocolate cake from costco, and gave our dad some gifts of love.  the girls did amazing, creative gifts.  he even got his first bowtie:)  we love you!

2J7A3800-2 2J7A3801-2 2J7A3804-2 2J7A3805-2 2J7A3806-2 2J7A3807-2 2J7A3808-2

i want to live at “the barn”…

july.  2013

we discovered a trendy, vintage of all kinds, pretty good deals barn.  it’s in castle rock, in the vintage part of town, where it’s really cute, and there’s this updated barn, where all these vendors have come in and set up their own section with their cute stuff to sell.  we had so much fun, it’s a treat for us…can’t wait for the next time!  i did see something i’ve never seen before, a vintage nail bin-three spinny shelves that are all sectioned-brilliant.  how can i find one that’s for sale?


oh ya, it’s that good…

july.  2013

farm fresh raw milk is absolutely amazing!  you can throw the cream in the mixer for a couple minutes, and you have farm fresh butter.  also, homemade chocolate milk is better than any store bought.

if you are afraid of raw because people have made you that way, consider those for thousands of years who have drunk raw milk, and were fine.  the enzymes in raw milk are amazing and essential for our bodies.  it is delish!  the farm we get our milk from also does testing on every batch for any bad bacterias.  So all precautions have been taken, and now we can enjoy the benefits of yummy, untouched, unpasteurized, full of yummy vitamins and enzymes milk.Image