huge baby steps…

dec. 2008
Nadia, you seem to be doing something new a lot lately. You are totally eating things by yourself, where just a week and a half ago, you could hold food in your hand, put your hand in your mouth, but wouldn’t let go of the food, and would look at me as if I were starving you! Now you just love to grab food and feed yourself.

You have been rocking on hands and knees since six months, and have moved a knee forward the last couple of days, but today you actually crawled a couple of knee/hand movements! The girls were screaming with excitement!

You just love attention, and are constantly smiling if we look at you. You cling to us to hold and love on you, and are simply a very happy baby. You’ve been sleeping in your crib through the night since probably around four months, so it’s great laying you down at 7:00pm, and hearing your beckoning call around 7:00am.

We have been teaching sign language to you since you were a few months old, and you just watch us intently, wondering what the heck we’re doing. Usually in the eighth month science has shown that babies will start signing, so we eagerly await!

Good job baby, you are amazing!