the hills are alive……….just a spoon full of sugar…….

july 9. 2010
I can’t even believe it still, it seems like a wonderful dream, but a quaint, boutique style bookstore called “little shop of stories” posted that if you buy Julie Andrews’ new book, you would get a ticket, and a few days later, you would be able to meet Julie Andrews, and have her sign your book!

So yes, me and the girls, with a friend from our ward, sat in the heat for four hours last Tuesday, to get our books, and it was so amazingly worth it! Friday, Jarom had just flewn in, we were all ready, me and the girls(it only took us about 3 hours:)), and we drove the 6 miles to downtown Decatur, walked in with our tickets, and were the last in line for the second group of people. It was great that we had four kids, because Mrs. Andrews Edwards spoke with each of them, and asked them their names, and we got a little more time with her. The girls previously had made a cute page with four little girls on it, and a queen, and we had thanked her for her visit, and invited her to tea anytime with our info on it, because, you just never know:) So as we made our way up to the loft, we came around a corner, and just hearing her voice in person was exciting! We walked up to the table where she was seated, and the girls handed her the cute creation, she read it, asked if she could keep it, wanted to know their names, signed the books, and said, “I love tea, you just never know!” We weren’t allowed to take pictures of her, or with her, so we’ll have to go on memory alone, too amazing!

I’ve watched the Sound of Music since I was a child, and we’ve watched many movies with her in them, and it was such a wonderful dreamy experience meeting someone like her. Here’s to many more fun filled dreams to conquer my girls!!!

Of course, we found another amazing secret to celebrate after our short visit with Mrs. Andrews, it’s called Yogurt on tap. All natural, scrumptious low-fat yogurt that comes in delicious flavors, and then you add healthy or unhealthy toppings, and it’s my new fave place for sure! What a fun family outing Friday was!