happy father’s day…

june 2009
What do you get the man that does anything and everything for you everyday? I’m not sure I can ever thank him enough for all that he does, but we treated him to breakfast in bed, (Alex made the waffles from scratch! and with freshly ground whole wheat, mmmmmm!), and daddy got two new suits, yay!!! We love you daddy, you truly are amazing!

By the way, if breakfast looks a little funny, it’s our tradition to eat the waffle, with egg and bacon layered on it, then daddy pours syrup over the top. It is truly yummy.

walking, at thirteen 1/2 months…

june 2009
Nadia finally started walking on June 13, 2009. All my other girls were walking at 12 months, and I couldnt’ figure out why it was taking her longer, until I noticed we were all carrying her everywhere! Of course!

So, right away, she loves shoes. So funny how that happens! She can sign about 10 signs, but can mimick almost any word we say. She can probably say around 15 words. Nadia can go up and down the stairs(wondering why we taught her down, it was nice when she couldn’t leave the level we were on!). She is such a happy baby, sometimes just laughing at nothing! Now, I’m trying to get her to keep a bow on her head, we’ll see how that goes!

Lastly, I wanted to add something so adorable. We usually rock you in our arms and sing or hum with music that is playing when we put you to bed. You love to hum and sing with us, it’s so sweet. You have such an adorable little voice, and you love to just chime in. So precious!!!