beautiful beautiful krakow…

sunday.  nov 25.  2018

our last day in prague, we rode a bus to the airport(30 minute suffocating bus ride), tried to check in to ryanair, missed deadline, wanted to charge us a huge fine(our tickets total only was $100 for all of us), so we decided to switch tactics and ride the train and then a bus from prague to krakow.  arrived in krakow in the evening, we checked in, and then walked to old town krakow, found an awesome restaurant-and we just absolutely love poland already!  we love our airbnb too!!!monday.  

nov 26.  2018

went to auschwitz-birkenau tour today. we’ve wanted to see this place for a very long time. as we learn about what the jews went through in wwII, it takes your breath away, and the completely unthinkable happened here. as bad as life can get sometimes, it will never be as bad as what happened here. how anyone survived the harshest conditions possible, starvation, filth, and being treated inhumane is really mind blowing.  we were in freezing weather with a windchill of 20 degrees. we were freezing with all our layers on and our winter coats, and yet people here would have cold water thrown on them in the middle of winter outside while naked, and left outside for hours that way. the heartbreaking, tragic, horrific things that happened here must always remind us that we are all human, and we all matter. all of us. i took a lot of pictures, but a lot of them seemed to personal to post. the belongings of everyone that had been through here grabs your heart, and i wanted to post a few things for people to understand and see a little of what went on here, but not too much to be irreverent or disrespectful.

tuesday.  nov.  27.  2018

we only had half a day today before leaving, and we were told to do the salt mine tour today. i’m not saying it’s not kind of interesting, i’m just saying, when you have a short time to visit here, don’t bring kids here. we were completely bored, and wanted to be shopping for things to take home which we didn’t have a chance to do. we really enjoyed krakow, and hope to be back again.

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