oh prague…

thursday.  nov. 22.  2018

happy thanksgiving!..slept in which felt great!, made gingerbread cookies that was over 100 year old recipe, kfc for our thanksgiving dinner-no cooking and cleaning-was pretty fantastic!

friday.  nov.23.  2018

jarom went out to capture some drone video in the freezing weather, we stayed in from the cold and rested and cuddled.  man are we tired!

sat.  nov 24.  2018

we did a 4 hour walking tour through prague in the rain and cold, which may have tainted our view of prague.  it felt dirty and worn down.  but really neat history that we loved learning about.  the astronomical clock that is still working in prague is 605 years old.  the charles bridge is from the 1300’s as well.  we somewhat enjoyed the tour in the freezing and rain, and finally went home and crashed and warmed up.  forgot to check into our ryan air flight, which will cause a lot of issues for us tomorrow…

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