london here we come…

sunday.  nov 18.  2018

we got up at 3:45am to catch our 6:30am flight from dublin to london.  we got great tickets-cheap tickets on ryanair-but our small american luggage is way bigger than their small luggage allowance-and i was worried we were going to get nabbed and have to pay a large fee…but the lady was nice and gave us a warning.  hopefully every flight they’ll just warn us, because it’s a hefty 50pounds fine per bag-jeeze!

we got our rental car-free upgrade to a mercedes-that’s a first:), and headed to our townhome we are staying in for free through lovehomeswap.  we found our place, which is so lovely and across from a beautiful park.  the owner left a basket of yummy food to get us started.  we napped, watched movies, and just relaxed today.  we are anxious and excited to start seeing london, but the exhaustion just got the better of all of us today.

monday.  nov 19.  2018

oh today started with a lot of bickering.  good thing we had a mile to walk to the tube, kind of worked it out of everybody:)  we started our day riding the double decker bus, and heard about hamley’s toy store in the commentary, and nadia knew right away she wanted to go see it.  so we got off the bus, walked through piccadilly square, through soho, grabbed some amazing lunch, then about 10 items from the bakery, and kept on towards the toy store-hamley’s toy store.  and the funniest thing…the singing elves out front just made it really great.

we were walking back to the stop to catch our jump on jump off bus, and saw discounted tickets for wicked…and knew we had to do it.  we jumped back on the bus, finished seeing london in the dark night with everything lit up and it lightly raining.  we then tubed over to victoria station, grabbed some hot cocoa’s, warmed up, and then headed over to the apollo victoria theater.  it was the girls first broadway show, and they loved.  such a good story-they loved seeing their first broadway in london!  we then tubed home, and walked the mile back in the rainy dark singing and talking and enjoying the freezing weather together.  it started out not so much a great day, and ended up being pretty amazing.

tuesday.  nov. 20.  2018

woke up to even colder temps today, and a bit more rain.  after the long day we had yesterday, i needed a day to rest and catch up, so the fam headed to the city without me and jarom took the girls to see the globe theater.  with them studying shakespeare in school, we couldn’t leave without them getting to see the theater.  then we cuddled and watched movies in the evening.  it was nice to have a little of an off day, at least for me.  i just stayed back, took care of plans for our next stay, and got some down time.

wednesday.  nov. 21.  2018

we went to cereal killer cafe, and then the borough market-flew to prague!


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