Belfast and the Titanic Museum…

Wednesday-Thursday-Friday.  Nov 14-15-16.  2018

we flew from denver wednesday morning of the 14th to boston, then an overnight flight to Dublin arriving on the 15th.  we thought we’d be ready to go touring after sleeping overnight on the flight, but we were completely exhausted.  We drove our car rental 2 hours north from dublin to belfast, fell into our hotel beds, and called it good for thursday, sleeping the whole day away.   jarom and i woke up for a bit to find food for everyone, a ginormous pizza, and then we went back to bed until friday afternoon on the 16th…and finally felt rested enough to go do something.  having only 1/2 day left today and a whole day tomorrow to tour.  we spent our half day on friday visiting the titanic museum, and walking along the waterfront both ways.  it was a lovely time.  after we headed back and got some food at taco trucks, we headed back to the room for relaxation and back to sleep-we have an early morning tomorrow.


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