the beauty of bali…

may 5-june 7th, 2018

we had such an amazing family adventure for a month in bali…i wanted to share a few things we learned from our trip.  if you ever visit, i hope these tips can be helpful.

It’s really really hot-like summer in Georgia hot.  Like really uncomfortable sweaty hot.  So if you ever come to Bali-make sure you are near a pool to cool off throughout the day.
Lots of people and windy roads with no numbers-just names.  Thank goodness for google maps.  Or, book an Airbnb with a person that offers a driver.  Ours is very reasonable-about $48 for a full 8 hour day of driving us all over.  Much easier than renting a car.
Good stuff…
Things are cheap…food, activities-if done right-and spas!
We got a couples massage, in the open air jungle for 90 minutes, and it was $40 total.  $20 a person!  Honestly, that is the second best thing here, besides not having to cook dinner(because it’s cheaper to just buy from restaurants).  For a family of 5, we usually spend $20 total.
Beautiful things to see-we love being out of the people packed touristy areas and in with the locals.  It’s just fantastic.  And laid back.  And the people put out their offering and incense daily, which is so lovely to watch.  The culture here is pretty awesome.  The people are some of the kindest we’ve met.

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