our day date…and cecelia-

may 12.  2017

we all woke up in pain.  a couple of the girls have blisters even…nuts.  they didn’t want to move, and we didn’t want them in the sun at all, so they said they just wanted to lay in bed and watch movies in the air conditioning.  so jarom and i thought we would spend some time together and go do a hike at the national park nearby.  it was a super easy hike, and half way through, there is a ceynote where people swim and divers have dove over 300 times.  there is a natural underwater waterway.  it was pretty cool, and creepy.  we just had our phone flashlights, and it was dark.  i could only imagine a freaky lizard creepy thing popping up out of the dark waters and eating us in one fell swoop.  jarom put his feet in, and i was out of there quickly.  one of us had to survive.  we hiked back out and finished the hike.  a kind man near the parking lot, where his house was chatted with us before our hike and after, he was very nice.  we played with his one month old dog, and headed out.

we headed to la romana, grabbed some groceries and a small pan so we can bake some brownies in our toaster oven and headed home.  it’s so great not having to worry about all the things of life, and just enjoy each other, play and have fun.  it’s been a tough year, and we are so grateful to be together down here.

on our way home, we saw a woman walking on the highway, and i asked jarom if it was ok if we picked her up, i didn’t think she’d kill us-she looked harmless:)  so we pulled over, backed up, and she ran and hopped in, thanking us.  we had a fun semi spanish-semi english chat, talked about each others’ kids, and she said she was walking to bayahibe looking for work, her current job was ending soon.  she was probably 10 miles away still, and she was just happy to be looking for work.  these people are amazing.  i guarantee you most people in america would not walk 20 miles from one village to another looking for work, i don’t know if i would.  she said she normally caught the bus, so i’m not sure what happened and why she was walking.  all i know, it was fun getting to chat with cecelia and how our lives came together for 10 minutes.  i love random things like this.

ps-we grocery shop and make most of our meals-rarely eating out.  we have found rice to be a great filler and super cheap…it’s in a lot of our meals:)  eggs, beans and rice in a tortilla for breakfast-and it fills everybody up!  having three teenage girls is expensive in the food department!


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