learning the catamaran…

may 9.  2017

today has been a bit cloudy and rainy, with times of sunshine.  we would lay out and swim during the sun, and run inside during the pouring rain, which on this beautiful island is so awesome to be in.  jarom and i paid $30 for a catamaran lesson, which you only need one, and then after that, we can take it out as much as we want for free.  it was so beautiful being out on the ocean looking at the island with the thunder and lightening over it-so amazing.  it was a good day to not do much.

jarom and madison ran to la romana to the mercado jumbo to get supplies for our english classes.  we are hoping to entertain and play learning games to keep the kids interested.  we aren’t sure what we’re going to do, but we hope it turns out to be fun:)

we ended the day watching movies and fading off to sleep.  it’s quite tiring playing and having so much fun.  this is the life.


IMG_0102IMG_3741IMG_5220IMG_5344IMG_7432IMG_9026IMG_9419IMG_9492IMG_9498IMG_9500 2IMG_9501IMG_9509

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