under the sea…

may 6.  2017

we woke up again after 11…we’ve got to start getting up much earlier.  i hate wasting the day away.  but it is nice just eating breakfast and lounging, beats american life for sure-all the hustle and bustle full of non-fulfillment, i don’t miss it and can’t even think about the fact that we have to go back home.  we had a lovely day swimming in the ocean, kayaking, lounging, eating, running up and sliding down waterslides, and my highlight- watching the guys who brought in their catch of the day.  seeing about 5 octopus and an eel, and lobster and crabs, and scaling fish with a fork, just amazed me for some reason.  i love new things.

we are excited for tomorrow.  we were able to touch base with the stake president and find out what time church is in la romana tomorrow.  we can’t wait to start making more friends and getting more submerged in the life of the dominicans.  we hope that’s what we’ll be able to do.  we love going to church in a new country-our church is the same everywhere in the world-even the lessons-so it makes it very easy to go and meet new people.

it’s after 9, and jarom and i have been sitting in the comfortable and quiet lobby near wifi reading and surfing the internet just relaxing…quietly away from the kids…they just want to eat all the time.  having three teenagers is expensive!  it’s been nice just having time to ourselves.  we love hanging together and doing these adventures.

here’s a few drone pic’s-just beautiful.


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