the sabbath in la romana, dominican republic…

may 7.  2017

i love meeting new people.  i love finding out about their lives.  it gives you new perspective in your own life.  we arrive to church a few minutes after 9, which isn’t too bad considering we got up at 7:00am, 6 people sharing a bathroom, left a little after 8:00am, and made it on time!  The sister missionaries offered to translate the meeting, which was such a wonderful thing, since we don’t understand spanish fluently.  we sat in meetings in guatemala for 6 weeks not knowing what they were saying, and today, being able to hear the testimonies of these brothers and sisters just touched my heart.  it was really beautiful the testimonies they have, of the gospel, the prophet now and joseph smith, of keeping the faith, and to keep going to church.  after sacrament, a handful of people came up to us and said hi and welcome.  the stake president who we contacted yesterday was there today, who helped translate to the bishop that we want to help in any way we can, if there are families who could use us.

we parted ways after sacrament meeting to our classes, and i went to nursery with alex.  there were probably 7 little babies in there ages 1-3.  they had soda crackers, but not really any toys.  someone finally brought in about 2 toys, and some crayons after over an hour.  nadia remembered she had her coloring stuff in the car and went and got it.  by that time, there were a couple babies sleeping on the floor, and a few kids left.  but we made friends.  we talked with them, and got to play:)  jarom said one of the elders translated for priesthood class, and it was so great.  i love these people.  from the minute we got here, people have been really kind.  they have such kind hearts, and you know they probably don’t have much of anything to call their own.  i love them.

we normally don’t shop on the sabbath, but on trips we make exceptions.  we were near the grocery, and went to jumbo-which is like a walmart-and it was beautiful, huge, and so clean!  they even had a ton of specialty items like gluten free things!  it was gorgeous, and a happy site from places we have shopped in the past.  we grabbed some stuff, headed home.  ate lunch, took naps-no swimming today on the sabbath, it’s a day of rest. we will make dinner and probably watch a disney movie together-since that’s one of the english stations that we have:)

excited but nervous for tomorrow.  we go to the school, not sure what we’re going to do there, but we hope for inspiration on what to do with the kids.  just feeling grateful for the opportunity to be here.

p.s.  it’s time to start the parasite protocol.  diatomaceous earth and grapefruit seed extract.  we’re feeling a little yucky in the tummies…i’m just hoping when i get the parasites, i’ll lose some bloody weight!

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