what we woke up to…

may 4.  2017

woke up at 11:30am, felt so good to get some sleep.  everyone else was still sleeping, so i made my protein shake, and headed out the door quietly in search of the ocean.  i found my way through the spanish village that the resort is set up as, and found the amazing, gorgeous ocean.  i dipped my feet in, soaked in the green ocean, and came back and woke everyone up.  i showed them the amazing ocean, and then we had to take care of some business-like internet/wifi set up.  jarom left heading for santo domingo-1 1/2-2 hrs away to pick up alex and trade in our rental for the right size…thrifty stinks in the dominican!  the girls and i hit the small market in our village for some food to make a late breakfast.

the girls and i swam in the ocean, laid out on the gorgeous pier, they swam on waterslides for a couple hours and in the pools, and then we went back to the market for a few things for dinner(we wanted to go to the big grocery today in la romana but since jarom was gone until 9pm, we will have to do that tomorrow).  poor jarom and alex got caught in the horrible traffic of santo domingo, and it took them 2 1/2 hours to get home, and dealing with thrifty over there, they finally made it back at 9pm.  we showed them the pier at night, the stars and the fish, and headed back to relax and head to bed.

we are looking forward to these days of leisure, and all the free classes they offer out by the ocean…like spanish class every day.  we definitely need more practice.



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