madison’s trip-

feb. 18-20.  2016

dad’s business trips prove to be fun for us sometimes, since we have a companion pass on southwest, meaning I can fly free with him, and we can use points for the kiddos.  So we got to have a bit of fun this weekend.  Marriott upgraded us since Jarom is a platinum member, therefore, we got to have two bedrooms.  Madison loved hanging out in her room, chilling like an adult.  She’d get ready, draw, watch a show, eat her breakfast in there, i loved seeing her so happy.  being the second child isn’t easy, and getting away with just one child at a time is grand.  it’s fun making memories one on one.

while dad was at meetings, madison and i walked around, and found a cute place to eat.  dad drove her to the beach, dad took her swimming, we got pedi’s together, we went to edelweiss chocolates, rodeo drive, ate out…it was quite a fun couple of days.  this sweet girl is such a wonderful person.  we are so grateful to have her in our lives.

edelweiss chocolates was such a cute chocolate store.  nancy, who happily offered to give us a tour and the history of the store, was so very sweet.  lucille ball was inspired here seeing the convection belt of chocolate going by for one of her comedies.  it was really neat to see.

i definitely have my own opinions about rodeo drive.  isn’t it all really a facade?  it’s such a transparent way of life.  i’m not quite sure why slapping a name on something makes it so much more expensive.  i really don’t understand the fashion industry, especially when a lot of time it’s very distasteful, and yet overpriced.  i suppose it’s all in the eye of the beholder, or at least the greatest marketing scheme in duping one to believe it’s a very important way of life.  we went in one of the jewelry stores, and one of the rings was worth over $100,000.  for a stone.  a rock out of the earth.  whoever decided to sell diamonds, even said, it’s all in the marketing-it’s just a stone from the earth.  it’s really how it’s all made to seem important, when really, it’s not.

but it was an interesting world to step into.  we really enjoyed our time together and with this sweet munchkin.

2016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison

2016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0012016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0022016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0032016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0042016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0062016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0072016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0082016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0092016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0102016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0112016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0122016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0132016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0142016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0162016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0172016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0182016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0192016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0202016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0212016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0222016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0242016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0252016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0262016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0272016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0282016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-0292016-feb 18-20-Beverly Hills-Madison-023

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