daddy comes back today!…

wednesday.  feb. 3.  2016

we tried to keep our sanity in our excitement of seeing daddy again today after 2 1/2 weeks of him being back in the states working…which included having to home to colorado for a day, flying to las vegas for a work retreat, flying back to colorado, then flying to new york for a few days for work, then flying back down to mexico to come pick us up and play for another day or two together down here.

we did our routine…school and things to get done in the morning, packed food, and went to the big pools across the highway at the resort, and hung out there for a few hours-it was an awesome afternoon.  then we ran home, picked up alex from the condo, and met jarom along the highway where the shuttles drop people off, and we were there minutes before they dropped him off-it was perfect timing.  we were so excited to have him back!  we headed to the pools for another hour, and then headed to tulum, to eat at the taco place jarom loved-had to get it in one more time before we left.  we also promised ice cream to the girls before leaving tulum, so they got their last couple scoops, and we strolled down the sidewalks to our car, listening to the sounds and people of the evening.  it was lovely.

IMG_2768IMG_2775IMG_2787IMG_2792 2IMG_2798 2IMG_2800 2IMG_2801 2IMG_2802 2IMG_2803 2IMG_2805 2IMG_2806 2IMG_2807 2IMG_2808 2IMG_2809 2IMG_2810 2IMG_2811 2IMG_2812 2

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