a day in…

tuesday.  feb. 2.  2016

we had a day in, a break from running to and fro-plus we were a little pink, so we gave our skin a break today.  we were able to get quite a bit done though, including me catching up on some geneology of my biological family line.  it’s pretty cool seeing how far back your family goes and where you ancestors came from.  i found out, an ancestor almost 10 generations back, rene’ laforce, from guyenne france, and his family, were very well-to-do.  they were as high as you could go except for being a king.  they had three chateaus/castles, and hundreds of acres of land.  they ended up fleeing france, as they were huguenots…

Huguenot (/ˈhjuːɡənɒt/ or /huːɡəˈnoʊ/; French: [yɡno], [yɡəno]) is a member of a French Protestant denomination with origins in the 16th or 17th centuries.
they came to virginia, and were over 200 other huguenots.  2 of the castles/chateaus still stand today, one is a museum.  now i’ve got to head to guyenne, france, to see these castles of my relatives.  pretty cool.
i wanted to share of the cute and amazing pic’s our girls have taken of themselves and their surroundings.  they are really talented photographers.  i’ve loved breaking away from busy life and taking a breather.  it has been so fantastic.
here are some of the awesome pic’s the girls have taken on their own…


IMG_0603IMG_0917IMG_0762IMG_0975IMG_0819IMG_0622IMG_1765IMG_0683IMG_0616IMG_0664IMG_0823IMG_1253IMG_0999IMG_0844IMG_0926IMG_0942IMG_0922IMG_0734IMG_0727IMG_0908IMG_2836 2IMG_2837 2IMG_2825IMG_0911IMG_2834 2IMG_0664IMG_2711IMG_0734IMG_0727FullSizeRender


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