the last monday…

monday.  feb. 1.  2016

we did our usual, wake up, girls got going on school, packed food, and we were heading out the door.  and last minute, alex decided to come, taking a break from school.  it’s always fun having her come!  we first arrived, and there were dark clouds and rain falling in the distance.  alex was a bit worried, but i told her we were staying no matter what.  and we did.  those clouds blew away, the sun came out, and we jumped waves, boogey boarded, looked for sea shells, played with snails, built sandcastles, laid out in the sun, ate our packed lunch, and made memories.  even though we are missing home, and especially our dad, we had such a great day together.  knowing it’s coming to a close is especially helpful in making sure we really enjoy the beach and sun these last few days.  it has been a great, relaxing get-away.  the schedules, appointments, and all the busy-ness of the world is already happening before we’ve even gotten home.  but we are grateful to have been able to break away when we did.


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