friday and saturday.  jan.  29/30.  2016

i feel like we are living the life of surfers…sleeping in, the girls get some school done and i do some reading, we pack food, head to the beach, play and lay around for a few hours, head home and eat dinner, watch movies…it’s nice.  days i get a few things done though actually feels great, it’s a nice feeling being productive.

friday morning i sat and listened to music out on the patio with the girls while we colored in these awesome creative coloring books…they even make them for adults to be more creative:)  i didn’t have much of a childhood, so sometimes i try and do creative kid-like things.  it’s so good for us to remember to be creative in some way.

jarom has been traveling while we are in mexico, for work, and flew home yesterday and went skiing today.  on the way home, he hit a pothole, and got a flat.  geico came and fixed it, but now we need to buy two new tires.  which doesn’t sound too bad, except while we have been in mexico, in the past two weeks, one car needed $2,000 to fix some things, and the other car needs $2500.  so the flat tires today was the icing on the cake.  they say bad things come in three’s…let’s just hope it’s true and we can get a break!   but thank goodness for being in places that we have been able to visit(guatemala/mexico), and we are so very blessed for what we have.  thank goodness for the perspectives we have gained, and seeing how people live in other countries, and knowing the struggles some people have just gathering food for the day.  so grateful for what we have, and for our problems.

ps-starting week three of the anti-candida diet.  no sugar, no gluten, no dairy.  here’s to taking my health into my own hands.





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