sian ka’an biosphere reserve…

thursday.  jan. 28.  2016

walking through the biosphere was awesome.  ruins, marshes, a tower to climb, a lagoon, and seeing where 10 villages used to be thousands of years ago.  this area dates back to 300bc, and now is a reserve thanks to unesco.  it was fun walking through with the girls.  half way through i told them to be quiet so we could listen and see things all over, but we really didn’t see any animals…we did see some fish in the marsh and the lagoon.  so as we  were coming back down the trail towards the car, we decided to have a bit of fun laughing as the girls were making vines to post on the internet.  these girls have a great sense of humor.  it was fun exploring a new place today.

after we got home, alex headed over to the wellness center to get more homework done.  the other girls and i made dinner, and walked it over to alex for our evening walk.  look at this awesome kid working so hard!

photo credit-alex took picture of madison at the end of the dock-great picture!







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