adventures in new places…

wednesday.  jan. 27.  2016

so today was the day we decided would be a good day to go to playa del carmen(30 minutes from us)to walk around the mall, get a few fruits and veggies at mega, and break up the routine from the beach.  it was so bloody hot, it felt like georgia in the summer, except it’s winter in mexico.

the mall here is gorgeous.  it’s an open outdoor mall, with a pretty cool design.  and it’s near bio natural-the organic store to find a few things we need here and there.  the girls got an ice cream-a special treat they don’t get very often, we got groceries after the mall, and made our way home to eat and then jump in the pool.

i was thinking how fun it is, and sometimes a bit stressful, but a great feeling of accomplishment, just driving to new cities and places and getting around like we live here.  i love being in with locals, shopping and doing things, buying groceries, and feeling independent.  we have a lot more options food-wise here than in guatemala, and even france.  larger stores, more variety, more fresh fruit and veggies, and it’s cheaper here in mexico.  even though we don’t have all the same things as home, we come pretty close.  we love these adventures.


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