the tree of life and lehi’s dream…

sunday.  jan. 24.  2016

today we went to the tulum ward in tulum.  there were so many other gringo visitors there, so it was fun visiting and finding out where everyone was from.  we met the mcknight family from wisconsin-they have seven kids and homeschool.  and a couple that now live down here after retiring from the military-the drapers.

they had an english sunday school for us, and the drapers were teaching the class-and the mcnights and i were in there.  the lesson today was on lehi’s dream and the tree of life.   the rod of iron, mists of darkness, tree of life, the fruit on the tree of life, the muddy water, the tall and spacious building-all of it’s symbolism. lehi’s dream is so symbolic for our life, our choices, and where we will go based on those choices.  it’s about coming to Christ.

i love david a. bender’s talk-

the girls and i had a great time-love these adventures with our girls.


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