food-glorious food…

saturday, jan. 24.  2016

today was a lovely day, being lazy, getting ready, and our only thing to do today was to go to sam’s club and get some groceries.  getting a membership down here is cheaper than in the states, but you can use your membership in the states, so it’s worth it.  we loaded up our cart, in hopes this gets us through our last two weeks, besides having to get fresh fruit and veggies.  i’m not used to buying bread-we don’t eat any gluten or dairy at all, so when traveling, it’s weird buying it, and a bit hard for me to allow the girls to even eat it since we are all allergic to it.  but when traveling, it’s just easier, and i detox them when we get home.  but for now, this is all the food we got for an awesome $200.  pretty good! and these girls rock helping out, everyone unloaded and had food in the house in like 7 minutes.  and having an elevator to get to the top floor is pretty handy-we’ve been through hauling groceries across a lake and having to hike up a mountain when we were in guatemala to get to the house-so we’ve got it a lot easier here.

a little jump in the big pools after shopping to end our day, and it was complete.

ps-alex finished her application to byu idaho…here’s hoping she gets in for the fall!


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