friday.  jan. 23.  2016

a beach is just tranquility.  some beaches aren’t great to look at or play at, and yet, they are still tranquil with the crashing of the waves, repeating.  the sand in between your toes.  beaches are just the healing place we humans need to go to now and then.  on top of tranquility, when you find a gorgeous beach, it attends to all your senses…your eyes can’t believe the beauty of the water, the crashing of the waves, the smell of the sea, the taste of salt on your lips, and feeling the crystal clear and warm water on your skin-it all invigorates the soul.

and that’s what we found.  a beach where you feel like you are in the tropics(which we are), and you can’t believe you are actually there it is so beautiful.  this place had swing sets for kids too-which topped it all off.  we didn’t let the wind gusts get us down, it was just too gorgeous.  i even treated myself to a massage on the beach-heaven is all i can say.  the four girls bobbed in the ocean on swimming noodles for hours, and the little one buried herself in the shallow water and sand for large amounts of time.  it was pretty awesome.  and then to end a beach day with “la nave'” pizza for the girls made it complete.  i hope these girls remember all these fun days, and if not, i’ve written it down for them so they can’t forget it.

ps-being able to see the tulum ruins from the beach was an added bonus-just spectacular.