rainy, but productive…

thursday.  jan.  21.  2016

i think we are in rainy season, even though we aren’t really.  but it rains 4-5 of the 7 days in the week.  not that we aren’t enjoying ourselves, we just would love a little more beach, a little less wet!  but we made the best of it-got our studies done, put together alex’s h.s. transcript to send to byu idaho, a couple movies with the girls and dinner, and then we got the ‘ol elements chart and cards out to learn about-because we would really like to memorize all 118 elements this year…hopefully!  we even got in an evening walk picking up alex from the wellness center, which is so beautiful and tranquil, i really need to do a class there.  it was a busy and productive day in.  i really love being with these great kids, they are wonderful people.


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