finally a beach day…

wednesday.  jan. 21.  2016

finally, a break from the rain!  we made it to the beach, and enjoyed the absolutely beautiful weather.  somedays it’s 96% humidity, but today, it was just perfectly breezy.  we spent almost three hours at playa paraiso-finally getting alex to this beach.  she hasn’t made it here yet due to not feeling well, or too much school to do-and she loved it.  we also don’t eat gluten or dairy at home-but on trips-we go with the flow, and every time someone comes to the grocery with me, they get to pick out a bread-y something from the bakery.  so, they are happy to come with me now:)  and they all got a treat for a total of under $2!  i love how cheap the food is here!

being in mexico with the kids has been such a nice retreat from the cold colorado weather. we definitely miss fun dad, but it’s nice being able to be in new scenery and a bit of a change.  its hard not getting out more with all the rainy weather, we hope to have some more beach adventures coming up.

i happened to be reading and researching about a few things tonight, and i ran across an amazing family adventure blog.  i dream of traveling europe with the family, picturing cute vrbo rentals along the way, driving along the countryside, jarom either working remotely or having a european job, and seeing how this family has traveled the world is just awe dropping!

they have four kids-lived in costa rica, bought a boat and sailed around to different countries and the mediterranean, spent a year biking across europe with their 4 kids!!! and slept in tents!  wow-i can’t even imagine how amazing and patient these parents are.  biking across europe with 4 kids?  seriously, isn’t that the most amazing and hard thing you could do?  i wanted to share their cool life and blog, because it’s pretty inspiring-and yet another family who decided to follow their dreams and have amazing experiences.  my favorite link is the link where the mom of this family shares who her favorite people are:  her parents.  it’s an unbelievable life and childhood she had, and now is giving to her children- .

wow-so inspiring.  i thought i was pretty adventurous, and it turns out, i’m just a baby adventurer.  i want to see the world, but i’m not as hard core-camping and biking as this cool family-but i hope to see the world with our little family-just in our own style of course!  i’m just in awe!





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