bye daddy…

saturday.  january 17.  2016

when we were getting our rental car the first day we arrived, the guy giving us our papers before we finally get the car tells us we can tour a facility, eat a free breakfast, and even if we aren’t interested, they’ll give us $100.  he just needed a $20 deposit we would also get back.  45 minutes for breakfast, 45 minutes for the tour.  i kept saying, how long is the presentation really, and he would say it’s not a presentation, we just walk around and look at the beautiful resort-no pressure.  we’ve done plenty of timeshare sit-in’s for free things…disney tickets, our honeymoon was free because we sat in on one-and thank goodness we found that deal because we were poor students when we got married.  so we figured-free breakfast, kids swim, and we make money back-ok-we’ll bite.

earlier this week, i wasn’t feeling great, so jarom thought he would just take the kids and feed them breakfast and do the walk through.  this is almost an hour north of us, we are pretty close to tulum.  he drives all the way up there, and they refused to give him the tour/presentation without me, and offered a free week to come back for his time(like we would ever see that).  so we planned to go up the day we take jarom back to the airport, since it’s right on the way, and they are both up north.  we arrive, having an hour and half before we have to go…we were told an hour and a half.  it takes them an hour just to get situated, and we told them he has to catch a flight, and that threw them in a tizzy.  they needed all afternoon, not just an hour and a half.  the head guy said just go through it, don’t mention the flight, and they’ll get us through it.  we finally get assigned a guy, sit down, he’s asking us questions, and said-let’s go to breakfast, and the presentation will be another 90 minutes after that.  again…another timed amount that is different than the first two people said.  what a gimmick.  we finally just tell them to give us our $20 back, and we would be on our way.  it took them some time, you can tell they probably don’t give money back much, but they returned our money, and we left.  we were there an hour and a half, and accomplished absolutely nothing.  we decided to have jarom catch a cab from there-since the airport was another 30 minutes away, an hour just to get back to this point, and the kids were starving, it was about 12:30 at this point.  so we part ways with our sweet daddy.

the girls and i headed to a natural food store someone told us about, i was looking for a few specific health items, and we found a restaurant first(that even made pancakes)!, and then the cute health food store-bio health. they had our favorite octagon chips and veggie straw chips there too-but they were $9/bag.  yikes!  we have found mexican grocery stores to not have good chips…we like the octagon(food should taste good is the brand).  we don’t eat junky chips, and besides a few brands of junky chips, are the hand made hard to eat chips. so i guess we’ll do without.

we made our way home and chilled, the girls got in a swim in the evening(nadia is getting the hang of snorkeling)!, and we chilled out more at home.  good day overall, we will miss our dad for the next two weeks-but so grateful we could have fun with him for awhile while he was here:)



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