was a 9, now a 10…

friday.  january 15.  2016

playa palaiso was pretty when we went before, but it was really windy, and there was quite a bit of seaweed from the winds-hence the 9 rating.  jarom wanted to go back today, his last day here, and we decided it was a good idea.  it ended up being perfect-the water was gorgeous!  and clear like a pool.  it was just amazing.  our four hours there may have been too much as we are all tomato’s, but it was just lovely.

alex had to stay home again today because of stomach pains from something she ate yesterday-maybe food poisoning from the buffet at chichen itza…we aren’t sure, but that’s one reason why i don’t like buffets.  hopefully next week she’ll get to make it to the beach!

jarom took me on a date tonight-the outdoor thatched roof restaurant on the beach in akumal.  it was lovely eating a dinner together watching the sunset on the ocean.  he will be flying home tomorrow for 2 1/2 weeks, and coming back the last few days we are here.  he is just amazing.  does all the laundry, and grocery shops.  he’s also just so fun to be with.  a great dad, makes us all laugh.  just such a great hubby and father.  so grateful for this amazing man who does so much for us.  we love you!

something funny nadia said that i want to remember…jarom said he had blonde hair, and nadia said he had blonde hair when he was younger, but he now has brown hair with grey highlights:)



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