tulum ruins tour…

tuesday.  january 12.  2016

we were all set-had our tour reserved with helaman, someone who gave us an lds-mormon tour of the tulum ruins years ago-probably 8 years ago.  we were excited to have him give us a tour now with our kids.  we were going to meet him by our bridge at 9:15.  we all got up at 7:30 to be ready by then.  and then right before we step out, i check my email, and sure enough, at 7:00 he emailed that the other family on the tour didn’t want to have anyone join them, that we could find someone at the ruins.  i honestly can’t blame him though…we negotiated a good deal, he probably decided it wasn’t worth taking us in the end.  which ended up being a good thing for us, because we paid half of that once we got to the ruins.  we found another tour guide-name moroni-who also gave us the lds perspective.

one thing about being here at the ruins…you go in-and you go out-they won’t let you in and out multiple times.  so we carried all our beach stuff(yes, kids carried swim noodles the whole tour) and wore swimsuits thinking we would swim after the tour-because the beach is beautiful.  but when we finished the tour, the beach area was pretty small and quite a few people were down there, so we carried all our stuff for nothing, but it was fine.  built character somehow i’m sure.

it was a very hot today, and after the tour, everyone was famished.  in search of a good pizza joint, we were guided to a pizzeria with authentic italian food.  we decided we would go there-and it was amazing.  just a couple lights down from the ruins…called la nave.  fantastic!   if you are ever in the area-come here-10 stars!  and traveling with 6 people, and trying to be economical, we have discovered we just fill water bottles at home, and bring them with us throughout the day and into restaurants, and there’s never a problem.  sometimes they want 40 pesos a bottled water($2.35 x 6 people =$14), so we are saving quite a bit when we eat out-it all adds up.

we all came home and napped, because site seeing and touring is exhausting!  and then kiddos went and swam a bit.  so glad we don’t have to get up at 7:30 tomorrow!  it’s not my favorite-thank goodness we homeschool and can get up when we want!

ps.-if you want a fast foot cleaning, you can put your feet in the mini foot cleaning tanks.  no thanks for me.







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