our rainy day of rest…

sunday.  june 10.  2016

oh we had good intentions to get up and go to church.  we love going to church whenever we are traveling-gives us a chance to mingle with locals, and make friends.  but it just didn’t happen today.  yesterdays activities just wiped us out.  and alex studying late into the night wiped her out.  she didn’t even wake up until noon.  we also have a sore throat thing going on, which better pass soon.  so it was a lovely, overcast, rainy and humid day, in which we ate yummy food, slept, watched movies, and had a great discussion about the iron rod and the tree of life.

being allergic to gluten, dairy, and sugar(i’m the only one allergic to sugar), makes us eat pretty healthy.  but when we are traveling, we sometimes eat whatever we can.  plus with six people, it’s usually a lot cheaper to make meals-except when you can find a good taco stand in mexico.  so i will be posting here and there the yummy food we make.


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