saturday.  jan. 9.  2016

poor alex, she has not had much time to get her schoolwork done this week, so today, we had to leave her.  we said our good-bye’s to alex, and jumped in our mini-van with great mexican covered car insurance.  we drive near tulum, searching for a a beach we had located online, and aren’t quite sure what we are doing.  we drive down this narrow road, parallel to the beach, and finally find a place to park.  we walk towards the beach, and it’s just beautiful-playa paraiso.  we have a rating scale, for what we think is a good beach, or not.  this was a 9 for sure-out of 10.  if it was calm waters, and not so windy, we are sure it would be a 10.  white sands, clear water, super warm, shallow for a long time.  it made jumping waves and boogie boarding a lot of fun though.  i haven’t played in the ocean since-well, i can’t even remember since-probably when jarom graduated from byu-and we went to the bahamas.  i do not like being tossled about too much, and i don’t like being cold.  so it was a fantastic beach meeting many of our requirements.  we just soaked it in.  we had our yummy apples, almonds, and fruit bars to get us through to dinner.

which, speaking of dinner, we found another side of the highway stand that was rated 5 stars-antojitos la chiapaneca, and got fantastic chicken, beef, and pork tacos.  if you are ever near tulum-you must stop here!

alex got her week of school caught up, after working all day and into the night…hopefully she does well in these classes-they are college courses and go on her college transcript.

we decided to eat dinner up on our outdoor terrace under the stars, and sit in the hot tub.  today made me think again, why are we doing ordinary things back home…why aren’t we traveling around the world full-time?  yes, we need a paycheck, but we are going to figure that out.  i’m happy selling everything-it’s just stuff.  so many other people live the life of wonderful adventure…people who grow tired of acquiring “things” they think will make them happy, and seeing the world instead.



One thought on “beauty…

  1. So beautiful:). Great descriptions and ratings. Why not review beautiful places, put ads on your blog, and get “paid” to travel? Just an idea! You could also teach how to fly for almost free and stay for cheap. I think that would boost views and potential traffic:). Just my two cents! Have so much fun down there!!!

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