wellness center…

friday.  jan. 8.  2016

sleeping in, grocery shopping, napping.  totally lax day, plus we are all sunburned from yesterday, so just giving our skin a little break.  the wi-fi in our condo isn’t great, so we were told to go to the wellness center, where people can sit, study, and use the wi-fi.  it’s about a 2 minute drive from our complex.  we pull up, and it’s this amazing zen area, in the middle of the jungle.  beautiful lap pools, exercise room with glass walls, classes for free up on the top floor(if you live or rent here-so it’s free for us too:))…it was beautiful.  we dropped alex off here for about 4 hours to get going on her college classes.  the rest of us went across the highway where we can also go for free and use their pools and go to the beach-it’s all part of the bahia principe.  it was beautiful!  but i definitely love being away from the touristy areas in our own area.  we have got to find a good beach…tomorrow.


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