our first beach in mexico…

thursday.  jan. 7.  2016

i was the first one awake…which NEVER happens…but i was, and got everyone else up with me:)  it was already 9:30am, and we had some beach to hit…jarom had a little bit of work to get done, and then we got to the xpu-ha beach about noon.  even though it was windy and cloudy, we had a great time.  all of our skin is pink now, and after 4 hours of leisure, we decided to head home to make dinner.

two cool things about today-we loved watching the pelicans eye a fish, and dive to grab it-it was our own nature channel.  the other was the kite surfing going on-some of these guys are amazing-flying by probably 30-40 miles an hour on a small board, and a large kite pulling them across the water.  it’s pretty impressive.

a benefit of being in mexico, or any central american country, is the fresh avocado-it’s unbelievable.  our yummy tostada dinner was fresh and delicious that we made-with some of the best avacados we’ve ever had.  thank you lucy for introducing us to beans in a bag when we were in guatemala-they are the best!





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